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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2012|01:06 am]
Hello 2004,
I just wanted you all to know that in about 8 years, you could go to
and see a bunch of photos of theater sets i am going to build in the future.

PS we have a black president now, and video iphones.
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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2009|04:55 pm]
So i dont use this damned thing that often anymore. Which is to say i never really posted all that often, so now is not too different. HOWEVER, it seems that many of my friends are abandoning this service as well. Which means i dont even comment on peoples posts. Im not abandoning the LJ though, its still a great RSS style reader, i get my A SOFTER WORLD, my XKCD, my WARREN ELLIS, my GEORGE RR MARTIN, my NEIL GAIMAN, my AMANDA PALMER, my sunday POSTSECRET, my ABANDONED PLACES COMMUNITY, all fed directly through my friends page. When i do write a post it copys as a note to facebook automatically, but since i generally only used this damned thing to write up info about hyperlinks, i usually skip through and post directly to facebook.

Im writing this post mainly to discuss the technology and outlets with which i keep up with my WORLD, i still read this thing daily, either on my mac Lappy or my ipod touch thingy, (which is cool cause i dont really have to be awake, but lame because i cant get to the um whatchamacallit hidden text, like in a softer world xkcd or dinosaur comics.) I also follow friends blogs directly:
jeff heynens constantly updated and footnoted http://secondat.blogspot.com/
westminster boys intermittent http://p0pcult.blogspot.com/
rachel starks new book blog http://trac-changes.blogspot.com/
dixie johnsons strange http://jetingenue.wordpress.com/

some of the things i follow by people i dont know are
caroline mccarthys a tech reporters personal blog http://caro.tumblr.com/
clay shirkeys an author & futurist's http://www.shirky.com/weblog/

I also try to read C-net news for tech stuff, browse through a standard google news feed, and look at i09 for nerdy shit.
recently i got a subscription to newsweek, cause i had lots of expiring airmiles on an airline that didn't go where i wanted to go. So far i'm not excited about it. i kinda wish it was wired, or the economist (which strangely has some interesting looking articles.)

on the youtube i also am a subscriber to the VLOG BROTHERS hank and john green. couple of smart and talented guys.

i also have the twitter, that too is paired with facebook, so i tweet, and it becomes my status. actually there is a aim app on the ipod that links your FB status, your away(or available) message on AIM, and your tweet on TWITTER. i use that sometimes, but really i'm not saying one thing to three different groups of people, im just saying the same thing three times to the few of you who play the tech game.
twitter is neat and all, but its becoming irritating in its usage pattern. i usually look at the twitter feed on my ipod, and recently with the advent of URL shortening services, and twitter pic hosting, it seems like all tweets are just shortcuts to webpages. this is great if your on a full computer, but if your on a mobile device, it becomes a pain in the ass. and the thing is i really do want to look at your hyperlink, but its such a pain to have to open a new screen and have it load, and then try to figure out where you were in the twitter feed. blerg. anyone have suggestions for how i make twitter seem like less of a chore?

so random questions.

what should i be reading?
blogs? news outlets? web-comics? vlogers? tweeters? books? podcasts? email list-serves?

Does anyone else have google latitude? what do you do with it? is it useful?

How about google voice, i signed up a couple weeks ago and love it so far. the text message it sends decoding what the person sends is always hilarious and useless, but the fact that you can save voicemails on the web, and listen to them ad infinitum is, is neat, i guess. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a record of someones voice, someones day to day thoughts from 4 years ago? Thoughts?

how about skype? ive used it for work, but rarely for personal use. Anyone else use that in interesting ways?

And Google Wave? anyone have it? Is it awesome? Dumb? i imagine in the BETA its like have the first telephone in your State, sure its awesome and powerful, but not if noone else has one.

anyway i was gonna ask some of these questions as facebook statuses, but then FB went wonky. anyway hope all is well!
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they wont grow up [Dec. 4th, 2008|03:44 am]
[mood |historic, or hystronic]

So i just went to see a production of peter pan (the musical) at diamond head theatre and it was good. that show gives me the willies in a good way. its poigniant and tragic. it did however occur to me for the first time just how tragicthat show really is.
scene one: the darling household, london, england, 1904.

boys aged maybe 5-14 approx.

what do you think these boys will be doing in 1914 as brave young englishmen?
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now i think i am just becoming a crazy person with lists [Nov. 16th, 2008|08:06 pm]
[Current Location |still here]
[music |the platters]

bagels - watching gargoyles on saturday mornings
doughnuts - long drives with adri
tuna fish - days when uncle bill would stop over for coffee and my mom would make lunch
freezer pops - days in the above ground pool with jessica
peanut m&m's - in my dormroom senior year with pat and julia
easy mac - sophomore year with brendan,and all the kids in wagner 100
cheese bread - hawaii with pat and megan
whatchamacallit - going to the motel pool with the slide with kevin carla and kate
dinty moore beef stew - winters at butterfield with steph, sarah and kristin
sunchips - long roadtrips which would inevetably give zac gas
taco bells nacho cheese chalupas - wednesday nights in highschool watching star trek voyager
burger king kids meals - seeing the ninja turles with jimmy and kyle in 1990
bratwurst - standing on the jeffs back deck grilling drinking beer after spending the afternoon on the lake
microwave lasgana - junior year with ash and adri in my single
ranch dressing - watching evan add it to everything in stimmy
cinnamon toast - cut into 3 strips and brought to me by meams after a sleepover at my grandparents
microwave popcorn - sitting on the floor of my dads home office playing with legos and watching thundercats and mtv's spring break

BROWN BREAD- do you remember the brown bread?
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good day [Nov. 16th, 2008|06:23 pm]
[Current Location |apt in hi]
[music |megan watching top chef or something in the next room]

today will be considered a success. I..
-Slept till 1pm
-ate toast while watching bad tv
-ate cheesebread, peanut butter and a huge apple while watching worse tv
-rode to beach
-read hearts in atlantis
-watched sunset and giant rainbow
-rode home
-showered off the beach
Now i am updating LJ
soon i will
-Eat popcorn while finishing book
-read Saga of the Swampthing Book 2
-watch cartoons while drinking beer
(ice cream may be inserted into this process at any point)
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Update [Nov. 15th, 2008|07:32 pm]
[Current Location |Bedroom, Honolulu, Hi]
[music |Pat screaming that i need to start cooking soon]

So, um i do read this thing every day, sometimes twice i day, but i guess its been a while since i've written here. Some things in my life have changed. For instance, did you know that  live in hawaii now?  Hmmm betcha did, but still, there probably isn't much on here that says that.  My last legitimate post, if it can even be called legit, was from right after NY Comic Con.  Hmmm that was fun.
Since then, i have resigned from my Museum Job, moved back home to my parents house from the baltimore place, and a few weeks later packed 3 bags and moved to Hawaii. 
Now why people allowed me to do this is beyond me, but they did, and for the most part everyone as been very encouraging.
I've been living in Honolulu now for hmmm, math math math about three months? That time simulaniously feels like a just a couple of days and FOREVER.  I am living with my friends slight_mishap  and Megan.  Pat moved out to go to grad school, and Megan like myself moved out because she had an excuse to move to Hawaii. 

For a short time i worked at chain bar restaurant, in their store as a sales assosciate selling overpriced t-shirts to drunken sunburnt midwestern couples, and tiny confused Japanese Tourists, who never actually went to the restaurant, but liked the cartoon frog that was on all the Merch.  Because that job kinda sucked, i kept looking,  and eventually stumbled into THE EXACT FUCKING JOB I WENT TO SCHOOL TO DO.  Now this may sound like a weird statement, but at Goucher i studied theater, but with a focus on theater tech, Specifically with hopes of being a Technical Director.

When i got here i took a bike ride around to all the comic shops and chatted and dropped of my resume, but as i expected there were no takers, nice folk, but no takers.  I also kept my eye on newspapers monster, jobs.com and all those traditional sources as well as craigslist, and there really wasnt any reference to any theater gigs.  I checked all the local theater websites, and found a couple of leads, applied one place and shot out my a quick note to a couple of them just saying: "Hey, im new in town, and availible and interested in overhire or temporary work if ever you have it.  Now pat read my note and said it was kind of stupid, (i had included alot of "theater is life" bullshit, but it worked.
Manoa Valley Theater shot me an email saying that they were hiring a TD. 
Little more than a month later i have finished the build on my first show, Frost/Nixon, and am planning the build of the next one. calitetra came out to visit me last week, and my family is coming out for X-mas and New Years, were actually going up to the North Shore for Christmas. (Turtle Bay)
So things are going well, I miss family, I miss Crew, and I miss friends from Baltimore, but Hawaii really is as beautiful as it was made out to be.
The weather is amazing, the beaches, the mountains, the flora and the fauna.  I often wish i had a pocket sized ornithological expert like say cyaneus to ask about all the amazing birds, that are everywhere, actually i see the most looking out the bathroom window, but thats just TMI.

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[music |Gretchen Ross]

Sarah Palin's hometown newspaper is "The New Frontiersman". If you don't know why this terrifies me feel free to ask.
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this is an email test [Aug. 12th, 2008|08:54 pm]
this is an email test
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Posted using TxtLJ (http://www.livejournal.com/manage/sms/) [Aug. 12th, 2008|08:53 pm]
this is a test
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Freedom League Assemble! [Apr. 23rd, 2008|11:58 pm]
[Current Location |Regatta View, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA]

Hello world,
      I Miss You.
  Call me.

ps. i won new york. i saw stan lee, and got a redheads number.
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